** The club maintains a collection of physical and e-books which are available upon request from community members, availability + format is denoted after each title as [physical] or [e-book]

Graphic Design + Typography

Armstrong, Helen. Graphic Design Theory: Readings from the Field. New York: Princeton Architectural Press, 2009. [e-book]
Bringhurst, Robert. The Elements of Typographic Style. Point Roberts, WA: Hartley & Marks, Publishers, 2004. [e-book]

Social Philosophy

Bachelard, Gaston. The Poetics of Space. Boston, MA: Beacon Press, 1969. [e-book]

Media Art

Tribe, Mark, Reena Jana, and Uta Grosenick. New Media Art. Köln: Taschen, 2009.

Data Viz and Generative Design

Flake, W. G. The Computational Beauty of Nature: Computer Explorations of Fractals, Chaos, Complex Systems and Adaptation. Massachusetts: M.I.T. Press, 1998.
Reas, Casey, and Chandler McWilliams. Form+Code in Design, Art and Architecture. London: Princeton Arch. Press, 2010. [e-book]
Fry, Ben. Visualizing Data. Beijing [etc.]: O'Reilly, 2008. [e-book]
Groß, Benedikt, Hartmut Bohnacker, Julia Laub, Claudius Lazzeroni, Joey Lee, and Niels Poldervaart. Generative Gestaltung Creative Coding im Web Entwerfen, Programmieren und Visualisieren mit Javascript in p5.js. 2018.
Reas, Casey, and Ben Fry. Processing: A Programming Handbook for Visual Designers and Artists. Cambridge, Mass: The MIT Press, 2014. [e-book]
Lupi, Giorgia, Stefanie Posavec, and Maria Popova. Dear Data: A Friendship in 52 Weeks of Postcards. 2016.