what are we? —

This club was formed to generate an intellectual space for UMass Boston's designers, creatives, and artist, where we can collectively establish a stronger understanding of usage of space, texture, color, and semiotics in visual/sensory medium to generate accessible, legible art and design in order to create purposeful visual narratives.

Throughout the semester, we're going to have a series or individual and team projects, assignments, open critiques, and ↗ workshops + guest speakers

no secrets —

The goal of these meetings and spaces are to further our creative abilities and knowledge, and create a ↗ collective archive of resources, in order to provide open-source access to tools that professional artists, designers, and students are using.

our places on the internet —

We also have social media accounts - Instagram will be for promoting student work, announcing events, and discovering work from artists and designers we follow. We also use Are.na – Are.na is a platform for mood boarding and discovery - it's become an important part of creative process for many design studios.